1. FOREST Program "Developing the Theory of Non-Equilibrium Catalytic Reaction Networks" (PI), 50,000,000 JPY (202204--202903).

  2. Kakenhi Early Career "Predicting the Activity of Oxygen Evolution Electrocatalysts using Microkinetics and Machine Learning" (PI), 4,680,000 JPY (202204--202403).

  3. RIKEN and Tohoku University Joint Research Program "Using High Throughput DFT Calculations for Element Strategy of Catalysis" (PI), 1,730,000 JPY (202204--202303).

  4. Kakenhi Transformative A "Chemistry: Demonstration of Prebiotic Metabolism in a CO-Rich Environment" (Norio Kitadai), 252,810,000 JPY (202204--202703).

  5. Kakenhi A "Regulation of Catalytic Reaction Networks towards Realizing Stable Oxygen Evolution Catalysts" (Ryuhei Nakamura), 30,350,000 JPY (202204--202503).

  6. CSRS Next Generation Acceleration Research Program "Understanding Gene Regulation based on the Informational Value of mRNA-Protein Interactions" (PI), 2,000,000 JPY (202104--202303).

  7. Kakenhi Early Career "Introducing Low Spin Electron Configuration to Enhance the Activity of 3d-Block Oxygen Evolution Catalysts" (PI), 4,160,000 JPY (202004--202203).

  8. Incentive Research Project "Study on the Charge Accumulation Process Towards the Rational Development of Earth-Abundant Oxygen Evolution Catalysts" (PI), 1,700,000 JPY (201804--202003).